Representative Client List

Leadership Development
Authentic Leadership in Action/ Shambhala Institute, Nova Scotia, Canada
Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota
Banff Centre Leadership Programs, Alberta, Canada
James B. Shannon Leadership Institute, Wilder Foundation, Minnesota
Creative Community Leadership Institute, Minnesota
Center for Emerging Leadership, Minnesota

American Express
The Araz Group
Dayton-Hudson/Target Corporation
General Mills Inc.
Malto-Meal Company
Productive Design Inc.
Synectics Inc. (Boston Headquarters and Midwestern Operations)

Health Care, Human Services and Education
Children's Hospitals and Clinics (Minneapolis and St. Paul)
Dakota County Technical College Customized Training Department
Fairview Ebenezer
Independent Schools Association, Chicago, IL
Pathways Health Crisis Resource Center
Women's Cancer Action
YMCA of Metropolitan Minneapolis
YWCA of Minneapolis

Arts and Culture
Americans for the Arts / Animating Democracy Initiative
Balai Seni Toyabungkah, Bali, Indonesia
Demajik, Strasbourg, France
Forecast Public Artworks
Gulbenkian Museum, Lisbon, Portugal
Guthrie Theater
Intermedia Arts
The Loft for Writers
Patrick's Cabaret
Urban Bush Women, New York City
Walker Art Center

The Bush Foundation
The McKnight Foundation
Philanthrofund Foundation

City of Minneapolis (Mayor's Office)
Perpich Center (State Agency of Minnesota)

CLIENTS & PARTNERS ... about Wendy in the words of others

Seeing and influencing patterns in human systems
"Wendy skillfully helps leaders illuminate habits in ourselves and patterns in our organizations. When we see our habits and patterns in a different light we unleash innovative ways of having influence. We don't just survive in times of chaos -- yes, we even join forces with chaos."

Juli Okal, Marketing/Operations Manager
3M Industrial Markets

A whole mind approach to leadership development
"Daniel Pink's work on The Whole New Mind is all about Wendy. It's calling for what Wendy does. As left-brain jobs go away because they can be computerized or shipped overseas, more and more people will need to develop holistic thinking in order to stay competitive in this economy. Wendy helps them do that. She has a totally different approach than the rational, linear approaches of most leadership developers, including myself. If your leadership group has been through many of the traditional approaches to team building and leadership development and they are still stuck - in the same dynamics, not solving the same problems, not knowing which direction to go -- Wendy's work would un-stick them."

Richard Brynteson
International Management Consultant & Author, Once Upon A Complex Time

Excellence in group process design
"When it comes to group process design, Wendy is one of the best. Peter Block talks about social architecture. Wendy is a social choreographer, someone who watches closely, asks really good questions and gets people to move in wondrous ways. She helps groups be more in tune as whole human beings, which elevates their possibilities and accelerates their efforts into powerful collective action. Her work illuminates what real leadership is."

Craig Neal, Co-Founder
Heartland, Inc. - Thought Leader Gatherings and Art of Convening

"Wendy's work is way beyond 'leadership development'. It's about creativity and finding where you fit in your organization -when you are the leader and when you are the follower. It stirs up dreams: the ones you have accomplished and the ones still stewing in there. This kind of reflection needs to happen as an on-going process and be re-visited throughout our creative life."

Janet Deming
CEO, DOR & Associates

A visionary thinker who gets things done
"Wendy has a strong sense of vision. While being flexible personally, she keeps a project on track, in direction and according to timetable. Wendy shows true professionalism. Her dedication and commitment to the work seem to spring naturally from her personal values."

Ann Ayrault, Director (former)
Tibetan American Foundation of Minnesota

Lasting connections and results
"When Women's Cancer Action come together we often refer to the activities we did with you. After working with you people have more sense of being a group. The guiding principles we came up with have been important to the unification of our group, and those came directly out of the experiences you led...I asked you to work with us because of how I know you as a facilitator and a community organizer. You create community in a limited amount of time, but in a deep and personal way. For example, when I see someone in the community who was also in a workshop with you I feel a deep connection to them. I feel like we have something special, even though we only spent a short period of time together."

Barbra Wiener, Founder
Women's Cancer Action

Integrity and humor
"I find Wendy to be someone to call on and someone who really 'walks the talk'...She is constantly amazing me with her openness and honesty. I respect her immensely and find her a mentor in the work that I do. She also has a great sense of humor which belies all these qualities - adding to her connection with others and the ease with which she communicates."

Sandy Agustin, Executive Director
NAAO/National Association of Artists' Organizations

Exceeding expectations
"Wendy far exceeded all of our expectations. We were mere minutes into the board retreat planning session and Wendy Morris had already drawn gems of information out of us, illuminated a dynamic that heretofore had been a mystery, and offered pearls of wisdom on how to collaborate better as an entity.
And the retreat hadn't even started yet! I knew immediately we were in good hands. By the time the actual retreat was over we had vibrant representations of all the discoveries we shared and a new common language. I revel in the creative journey your organization will embark upon with Wendy Morris' organizational acumen and inventiveness. Get ready for a great ride!"

White Ash
Non-Profit Board Chair

Freedom to do something new
"Working with Wendy is about noticing how I frame things: how I make decisions, how I do what I do, and who I am... and it's license to do something new!"

Karin Aguilar San-Juan, Ph.D., Director
Mellon Curricular Pathways Program, Macalester College

Global reputation
"Wendy is one of those people who give Minnesota a good name internationally."

Tom Trow
Partner Manager, Minnesota Collaborative
Twin Cities Public Television

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