For 20 years Wendy Morris has helped advance the work of hundreds of organizations, communities, and businesses - from international leadership centers on the pioneering edge to ethnic communities in conflict to Fortune 100 companies looking for a new way forward by exploring transformative leadership questions like these:

How do we thrive in uncertainty and stay effective as everything keeps changing?
What cultivates authentic leadership and everyday courage?
What if leadership is a collaborative process?
What is the creative process and how do we use it to generate a preferred future?

Wendy is a master at integrating across the fields of facilitation, process consulting, adult learning, coaching, and the arts to design the services that are uniquely right for each client. For results read the stories of her clients and partners. Recent projects include:

Wendy helps people discover different ways of knowing, of working together, and of reaching their goals. Along the way they recreate what it means to lead.

An integrative approach to leadership development
"Wendy is a rare treasure because she brings together and embodies three disciplines--a lifelong immersion in creative process, the practice of mindfulness meditation, and the application of systems thinking to social dynamics. She brings us into a deeper understanding of these dynamics in a way that is both profound and playful."

Susan Szpakowski, Executive Director, ALIA Institute