COLLABORATION: The roots of effective leadership

Wendy collaborates with her clients to create new understanding of their situations by:

  • imagining their resources in new patterns
  • shifting relationship to those patterns
  • viewing the patterns from different perspectives

Simple concept. Profound implications.

The images on this page are from a performance collaboration with Wendy Morris  and photographer Paul Shambroom. They created new meaning in each image simply by:

  • imagining the same resources (100 pairs of shoes) in different patterns
  • shifting relationship to those patterns (Wendy buried under/ standing over/ hovering amidst the shoes)
  • viewing the patterns from different perspectives (photographing from close up or far away)

Same activity. Different context.

Wendy is working at a master level. She is extremely receptive to ideas, collaboration and synthesis. People breathe when Wendy's around. They change the way they interact which frees up potential for innovation and creativity that wouldn't have been there otherwise. Her ease in her own skin makes other people be at ease in theirs.

Patricia Neal, Co-Founder and President
Heartland Inc., convening communities of practice for leaders

Collaboration takes many forms

  • Unexpected partnerships that address issues too complex for any individual stakeholder to tackle alone.
  • A new, yet ancient, way of leadership in which individuals within groups collectively lead one another towards a desired future.
  • Scientific or artistic endeavors that lead to innovation by rubbing the ideas of one individual or team up against those of another.

Wendy's primary collaborators are transformational leadership centers and leading edge consulting/coaching firms and organizations looking for new approaches to developing leaders for changing times. She brings to these partnerships her experience co-leading collaborative teams with hundreds of individuals from fields including:

organizational development
education (pre-K - university)
global food, manufacturing
   & retail companies
public policy

environmental justice
theater & music production
new product development
health care

community organizing
rural & urban faith communities
small business
racial justice

Through the rich diversity of Wendy's collaborative history she has identified essential patterns for successful collaboration regardless of context or product. She carries this deep understanding into everything she does - from facilitating a leadership workshop to hosting a community softball game.