Services: Coaching

Wendy's coaching process accelerates clients' clarity and everyday courage. A certified coach, she draws from a broad and deep toolbox of coaching methods that enable her clients to move forward with authentic confidence and deeper self-awareness.

Guiding clients to solutions from within
"Wendy doesn't impose her view on others. She simply asks questions that help you identify your assumptions and see around blinders you probably didn't even realize you were wearing. As a result you see your situations from a wider-angle perspective than you knew existed. What looked like problems may no longer look like problems. Solutions suddenly become evident that hadn't occurred to you before. The process frees you up from a restricted view of what's going on, and gives you a lot more freedom to maneuver. Her work is about getting unstuck."

Founder & Director
Trauma survivor clinic

Supporting clients to thrive in the midst of uncertainty
"Wendy doesn't make the uncertainty go away, but she helps people relieve their doubt in the midst of uncertainty. She asks really good questions that help people discern their goals and resources. After speaking with her I have more confidence about my situation - because I have a fresh understanding, specific insights, a sense of direction and I am clear about steps I can take."

Wells-Fargo Bank

Asking questions that lead to breakthrough insights
"Wendy has a special way of asking questions that gets right to the heart of a matter. When she senses I could use a new perspective she lays out a question that stops me in my tracks; a question that helps me not take for granted what I've just said, but helps me really see what I'm thinking and feeling about the issue or problem I have. Her questions take me to a meta-level where I suddenly have a bird's eye view of myself, and how I am relating to the situation I'm in. Something breaks open and I start to understand that what I thought was just reality was, in fact, just my story about whatever's going on. Once I recognize that my story and reality are two different things, all sort of options open up."

Adult Educator
Learning Methods