Services: Facilitating & Process Consulting

When a great consultant listens, patterns reveal themselves that no one noticed before.

When a great facilitator is present, the room is filled with genuine curiosity and respect for every voice.

Wendy Morris has over 20 years of experience working with hundreds of organizations, teams, businesses and communities who are generating transformative change at a variety of scales. The list includes ethnic communities in conflict, Fortune 100 corporations seeking innovative approaches to leadership, and multi-sector collaborations addressing health care or educational reform.

Helping clients discover collaborative solutions that work in the real world
"You have such an incredible reputation that I had very high expectations - and those expectations were met. You have a reputation of combining creativity with thinking about leadership in ways that other people don't. You helped the City come up with a staffing model that we could implement right away. We're in our third year now and this model is building capacity of different leaders in the City. It took us awhile to get everyone on board but it's really getting there, I think everyone agrees. They think it's really valuable. It's going good... Also you have a reputation for being really easy to work with, highly dependable and all those things you want in a 'consultant.' Although 'consultant' is not descriptive of what you do, you're more of a colleague and a whole collaborator. You don't fit into the consultant boxes."

Mary Altman, Administrator
Minneapolis Community Planning and Economic Development

Mindful presence brings coherence to diverse groups
"Wendy combines her consciousness of inclusion with lots of empathy especially for the subtle, nuanced and often ignored [aspects of a group's process]. She picks up things that others don't see or hear and she makes adjustments on the fly in response to that. She keeps her eye on the goal but can change course if that's what's needed. If something in the room needs to be addressed, Wendy's the one likely to say it, to call attention and respond."

William Cleveland, Founder and Director
The Center for the Study of Art and Community

Fostering innovation at the intersection between diverse fields and cultures
"Wendy's work is alchemy. She brings together different elements - leadership, organizational development, arts, learning and management into a form that is different from any of those elements individually. Her work is cross-sector, innovative and cutting edge. It's complex, emerging and evolving. Wendy is able to knit different approaches together from different disciplines. She's a translator who facilitates connection between these worlds, providing windows and opportunities for creativity and innovation that advances the work between sectors."

Erik Takeshita, Senior Program Officer
TC LISC (Local Initiatives Support Corporation)