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Effective people who thrive in uncertainty are firm in their integrity yet flexible in how they perceive and respond.

Wendy's clients learn how to bring desired results into being in the midst of complexity and change by cultivating new habits of mind.

Wendy enables these capacities in others because she embodies them herself.

"I wanted to give my leadership design group a new view, spark their creativity and build some bonding in our team. I wanted them to experience something that was not so far out that we couldn't bring it back and use it, but that would stretch us enough to have an experience different from what we do day-to-day here. What you did accomplished all of that."

Jeanne Schulz, Senior Organization Effectiveness Consultant

Wendy's clients achieve their learning objectives through a four-phase collaborative process that identifies and addresses the particular needs, culture and competencies of each group: assessment, design, facilitation, and evaluation/follow-up planning.

An integrative learning approach
Wendy's workshops are highly interactive. She engages participants in diverse learning styles -- kinesthetic, visual and verbal -- to provoke insight that expands possibilities for skillful action.

Wendy facilitates whole-brain learning by shifting between:

  • rational logic & metaphor
  • words & images
  • the details & the big picture
  • analysis & synthesis

This integrative learning approach generates a more complete awareness of one's self, one's environment, and one's options.

"Wendy gets people to do things they wouldn't have done on their own. She creates an opportunity, asks people to participate and they do. If left to my own designs I'm inclined to do the same things over and over again in the same way. Yet I need to be exposed to new and unusual experiences because they make life richer. That's how you evolve... as a being, as an employee or as a leader."

David Thornton, Assistant Commissioner
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Leadership learning for transforming systems
Participants learn experientially about theories, frameworks, practices and disciplines that contribute to transformative change. Their understanding of how to work with the dynamics of change goes deeper than an idea. It becomes embodied as a way of being in the world.

"Wendy has taken leadership science, the arts, chaos and complexity theory, and group dynamics through a power sifting process, which is transformative to experience. As the world more and more, calls for leaders who can improvise realistic, creative responses to the 'impossible' problems facing us, Wendy is helping all of us to answer their call. Every time I leave a session with Wendy, I come away with insights and process ideas which deeply impact my work."

Alejandra C. Tobar Alatriz
Community Organizer

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